How To Connect Scanner To Computer Wirelessly?

14 Aug

Have you just bought a new scanner and want to install it on your computer? Then refer this blog as it will have an elaborated guide about the Connect Scanner To Computer Wirelessly. For the non-tech users, it somehow becomes a problematic task to install a scanner. But you can take the guidance from the experts available at Dell Contact Number. Your Dell computer is the best supportable device to install your scanner. You can follow the steps to do the needful.

But it is very important to install the scanner driver on your computer to initiate the scanning of documents. You will need to connect the scanner to your computer’s USB port. You will find the way of connecting in the manual that you got with your scanner. If your scanner uses the Plug & Play technology then the computer will recognize the peripheral and the setup will be done automatically.

Steps to Install Scanner on Your Computer

Step 1: Turn the scanner on

Turn on the scanner: when you will connect the scanner to the computer, you will see a ‘found new hardware’ message.

Step 2: Allow the scanner to be identified

Click on the yes option of the found new hardware message, if you don’t allow it then the computer will not recognize the scanner

Step 3: Insert a setup CD

When you got your scanner, you would have received a scanner driver CD, insert it in the appropriate CD-ROM

Step 4: Do the configuration

Choose Start > to go to the control panel and type the scanner in the search box

Step 5: Click the Add device button and then click next

When the scanner and the camera installation wizard window appears, click next

Step 6: Choose the Manufacturer

You can follow the wizard directions based on the model of scanner you choose and whether you have the disc for the installation or the Operating system will help you. Once done, click on the finish button for the completion.

Your scanner will be installed on your Dell device if you have followed the steps in the same order as they are given. You can reach out to Dell Online Support for further help.

Source : How to Install A Scanner On Your Computer

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